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In a world where a lot of what we have to do to get by is planned, maybe even contrived, it’s such a wonderful change to sort of fall into something and have it turn out to be absolutely amazing. That’s what happened to me with what turned into The Cabal of Hotness, which in turn led to the anthology, Fondled and Gobbled.

In case you’re interested to find out just how a seemingly random group of romance writers get together and come up with the idea to write a book of spoofs, goofs and all-round hilarity, I’ve produced a short video to explain it.



Yeah…that’s pretty much how it started LOL! I wasn’t in at the beginning (more’s the pity) but got roped in not long afterwards and, after one set of email exchanges, I knew I’d found a group I felt at home in. The ladies are talented, savvy, hilarious and, most important, completely supportive of each other. Being around them just makes me feel good and gets my creative impulses firing like crazy.

Going back for seconds Someone Had to Do It coverThe first anthology, Fondled and Gobbled, Someone Had To Do It, was released by Ellora’s Cave on February 6th, 2013 and we’ve been blown away by the reception.

The second anthology, Fondled and Gobbled, Going Back for Seconds, will be released on February 22nd, 2013 and we’re happy to report there’ll be more in the future. Come visit our blog and keep up with all our doings…you won’t be sorry!


Anya Richards

Journeys Through Seduction

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