History and the Fashionista – A Love Story – Author L. B. Joramo

It’s my pleasure to welcome author L. B. Joramo today. Like me, she’s a history aficionado with a love of romance. Now, here’s L. B. to discuss history and the fashionista:

I liked history, even in elementary school. But having a career centered on history was never what I dreamed of. When I was young I wanted fashion. I wanted Vogue—France’s version, not even American, and I wanted Chanel, and lots of shoes. So how does a girl like me, centered around the idea of haute couture, turn into a history nerd, and proud of it?

It was fashion! I had gone to private school most of my life, where uniforms were the norm. I finally talked my mother into letting me attend public school when I was sixteen. Since I’d gone to private school, the new public school I was attending just figured I was smart and put me in advanced classes. Thank god, I can learn fast. Anyway, one of the classes was history of war. I was one of three other girls who attended the class, and I got a lot of attention because I liked to wear clothes, real clothes! Not a uniform. I couldn’t afford acid washed jeans (this is dating me, isn’t it?) so I made them. My hand patterned designs in my jeans were a hit, and the other girls swooned. The boys paid attention too, of course, but so did my teacher. He was the first instructor I had who noticed what I liked and how it could pertain to history. He had me investigate fashion, the art of artifice in the European courts, and even the word haute couture, which was a mistaken translation that somehow stuck through all these years! It was through him that I got my first crush on Alexander the Great. I learned of the ruler’s sexual preference, then decided to fall for someone a little closer to my age group and alive would be good too.

It always comes back to a teacher, doesn’t it? When other teachers might have thought I was a froo-froo girl, he knew that underneath all the Armani I wished to wear, I Immortal American coverlonged to learn more about the Knights of the Templar, how gunpowder transformed war craft, and eventually how America won its independence. (Thank you, Mr. Robertson!) For these last three years I’ve been studying every angle to the American Revolution, which makes writing for my historical series, based on these tumultuous times, a little easier. My heroine in the series, Violet, is a bit more of a tomboy than I ever was, but she loves a dress and the feel of silk just as much as I do. It’s her sister, Hannah, that shows Violet how ultimately fashion is wearing what you feel on the inside out. It’s about being brave, or shy, or both! It’s about being who you are, without taking any of your personality away. Instead, fashion is wearing who you are, literally, on your sleeve.

So what made you become a history nerd like me?

About the author:

L. B. Joramo lives in Montana with her family. She writes, researches, and has to pinch herself everyday for living her dream—to write!

Please check out her new release The Immortal American  here. Or at http://www.amazon.com/Immortal-American/dp/1484015924/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1365543024&sr=1-1&keywords=the+immortal+american+l+b+joramo

Feel free to drop by L’s website or blog at www.lbjoramo.com or http://blog.lbjoramo.com for more about her books, American Revolution research, or even find the odd fashion article! She also tries to support other writers, so her blog will feature other writers, their research and their writing as well.

Thank you, Tara, for having me on your blog! It’s been an honor!


8 thoughts on “History and the Fashionista – A Love Story – Author L. B. Joramo

  1. Wonderful post, L.B.! All those little tidbits of history are what fascinate me as well. If only more parents and teachers could share that info with kids, more of them would become closet history buffs too! LOL! The book is fabulous and I highly recommend it!

  2. Great post LB! I love historicals – they’re one of my favs to read and write! Fashion, not so much, but it’s important for accuracy. The Am. Rev. isn’t written about much, so this looks interesting!
    Congrats on your new book!! Many more!!!

  3. Hi, L.B. and Tara! I am intrigued by this observation: “Instead, fashion is wearing who you are, literally, on your sleeve.” I had never thought of fashion that way before. Teachers aren’t the only ones who make us see things differently. I look forward to reading THE IMMORTAL AMERICAN.

    • Hi, Pat! I know, fashion is usually considered an elitist kind of thing, but sometimes it can express who you are better than any words. Thank you so much for coming by! And for the support!

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