Author Cynthia Owens – Romance in a Charming, Wind-Swept Irish Village

Author Cynthia OwensI’m pleased to welcome Cynthia Owens today to discuss the newest book in her Claddagh Series, Everlasting. Here’s Cynthia.Everlasting Cover

Hello, Tara, it’s such a pleasure to be back with you again!

It gives me great joy to announce the release of my newest historical romance novel, Everlasting, Book IV of the Claddagh Series, releasing later this month. It’s Shannon Flynn’s story, and it’s set in Ballycashel.

Those of you who have read the Claddagh Series will recognize Ballycashel as the tiny wind-swept, West of Ireland village where the first two books in the series, In Sunshine or in Shadow and Coming Home, take place.

For those of you who haven’t read the stories, here’s a quick introduction to the village.

Ballycashel (in Irish baile caisleán) means “town of the castle.” It’s located nine miles from Galway City on Ballycashel Bay. The main village includes Ballycashel House, where Rory O’Brien, hero of In Sunshine or in Shadow, and his family live, many small tenant farms, and Donahue’s Pub.

Myths and legend abound in Ballycashel. Ballycashel House sits on the castle ruins of the ancient Celtic King, Sean Donnelly. It’s said that the ghost of that chieftain appears to forewarn of a death in the family.

That’s not surprising. Situated as it is near the Atlantic Ocean, Ballycashel can certainly seem haunted on a dark night, when the wind sighs through the trees and a cold mist blows in off Ballycashel Bay.

But it’s that very bay, and the sea that feeds it, that was the salvation of the village. During the Famine, the people of Ballycashel were able to harvest the fruits of the water, from oysters to mackerel to the dulse (seaweed), dragged in by the frequent storms.

“The town, with all its residents, was at times like one character in itself.” ~ Kenda Montgomery, Author, on In Sunshine or in Shadow.

Ballycashel is, of course, a fictitious village, but it’s based on many such villages in salt-sprayed Western Ireland.

In Everlasting, we see a little bit more of the village, including the old church of St. Gerald’s, and the old graveyard. And we’re introduced to Trasnavan, the neighboring village twelve miles from Ballycashel, ruled by absentee landlord Bennington and his agent, Brendan Doyle, Liam Collins’s sworn enemy.

Here’s a little about Everlasting:

Where does justice end and retribution begin?

She was driven by anger

When her fiancé died trying to feed his family, Shannon Flynn vowed to punish those responsible…even if it alienated her from her family, even if it put her—and them—in danger.

He returned to exact revenge

Eight years after he was forced to flee his beloved Ireland, Liam Collins returns to Ballycashel to find his family devastated and the person he holds responsible for his exile dead.

Can these two wounded spirits come together to battle a common enemy? Or will anger and pride destroy them both?

Sounds like an engrossing story!

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6 thoughts on “Author Cynthia Owens – Romance in a Charming, Wind-Swept Irish Village

  1. Hi Tara, thanks so much for having me today, and thanks for allowing me to share Ballycashel with your readers. It truly is a special place and, to me at least, very real!

  2. Hello Cynthia.
    Intriguing start! I haven’t read the first books of your serie but the conflict in this one seems to be worth while… I’ll look it up for sure 🙂
    Annie (aka Kelly Ann Scott)

  3. Hi Annie, so pleased you like what you’ve seen of Everlasting so far! I hope you enjoy reading Shannon and Liam’s story! Thanks for stopping by to visit me here today! 🙂

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