Welcome Guest Author Morgan Wyatt – The Power of a Name

Morgan WyattIt’s my pleasure to welcome Morgan Wyatt today. Morgan’s the author of sexy romances with alpha heroes and strong, independent heroines. Help Morgan name her new hero for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card…suggest your choice in the comments below. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, June 10.

Welcome, Morgan!

Never underestimate the power of a name. Back a few years ago when I was dating I met men who often didn’t use their given name. They weren’t married or in the witness protection program, either. Instead, they were attempting to project an image with one word.  We usually decide on how we will interact with someone in less than ten seconds.  Depending on the person, you decide if they will be a friend, an enemy, a lover, or unimportant in your future.

Think about this the next time you go somewhere. Often you make eye contact with other people, but immediately look away because the people do not hold any significance for you.  Before we meet people, we often hear their name and form an impression.  Your co-worker or friend wants to fix you up with her cousin. How would you react if his name were Lawrence?

Immediately you might think the name sounds stuffy or old. You might picture a man with muttonchops sideburns smoking a pipe. Worse yet, he’d insist that you call him Larry. You end up saying that you will be out of town that weekend.

The same friend ever anxious to promote your love life, informs you that her husband’s brother  Hannibal is single. You murmur your apologies as you try to control your shudders. Unfortunately, movies have tainted names like Jason and Damien too.

Other names just have low energy. It is hard to get excited about someone named Eugene, Wilbur, Elmer or Harold.  It brings to mind an earnest young man trapped in the fifties.

Ambiguous gender names are sometimes confusing too.  It is hard to consider a fellow named  Sydney, Robyn or Cary as very hetero when they  share the same name as your girlfriends.

Therefore, I am back to the men who pick a name for their dating profile to attract women. Different names attract different women. Alexander may want to be perceived as a more social animal and goes with Alex. Daniel opts for Dan, which he thinks sounds more rugged.

Women can carry off exotic names, while most men can’t. A  survey that polled sexy male names listed relative common names including David, Michael, Sean, Clint and Brandon.

Never underestimate the power of a name. I wanted to like a character name Pea in a novel I read, but it was difficult. It wasn’t her real name, but an insulting nickname. Her refusal to use a decent name made her a weak character.

Naming our villains take more subtlety. Disney got away with naming one of its villainess, Malevolence, which is a very cool name. It would be the equivalent of naming one of our mean girl characters, extraordinarily bad girl.  Accept that there are things Disney can do that we can’t.

Time matters too when naming your character. I decided my hero Dr. Brad Korman in GONE sounded too old for his age. I renamed him Ryan in honor of Ryan Gosling. Just a name change made his appearance change too in my novel. He was always a good guy, but now he went up a few degrees on the hotness scale.

Next time, you think names  don’t matter. Remember all the men trying to find dates who transformed Carl into Adam or Norman into Edward. My husband’s name is Scott, which definitely influenced me when deciding if to date him. Scott is a strong, authoritative name, while retaining some playfulness.

As for me, I am always on the search for the perfect hero and heroine names. My newest WIP in the paranormal series features a college student named Nora who finds her destiny a hundred years in the past. What do you think a good name for her romantic interest should be? ( I am not totally stuck with the name, Nora,  either.) Winner wins a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice.)

A taste of Dangerous Curves:Dangerous Curves Cover

Wolfe Jackson is hot on the trail of a domestic terroristic who has been causing havoc and panic by blowing up factories. The trail, although sketchy, has led to a convention in the Midwest. Is it a false trail? Wolfe is unsure, but he knows that a certain blonde named Krista bears investigating.

Krista Harlow finds her life as a principal dull. So bland in fact, she thinks attending the annual principal conference might enliven it. She even harbors secret romantic aspirations. As a principal, she must keep everything strait laced and buttoned down, but that was before she was mistaken for a corporate saboteur and possible murderer.

Wolfe initially approaches the suspect by pretending he knows her. Krista plays along, proving she’s either devilishly clever or she’s really interested in him as a man. The road to restore his credibility is full of dangerous curves.

An excerpt:

“Rachel, didn’t you hear me calling?” He stepped closer and put one hand on her arm, sending an arc of electricity through her body.

This is where it got difficult. How well did Rachel know him? If they’d been lovers, she would know him very, very well—definitely well enough to remember his name.

“So sorry, handsome,” Krista purred. “I was thinking about the dress I didn’t buy.”

“Sounds like you. Have you had dinner yet?” He watched her with one expressive eyebrow lifted.

“Um…no.” Krista had doubts about how far she should go with the Rachel thing, but she needed to eat sometime. Why not have dinner with him? Oh sure, it would be a hardship to have dinner with Mr. Stud Muffin.

He cupped her elbow and guided her in the direction of the steak house where the aroma of mesquite-flavored beef enticed shoppers. There was a significant wait so they moved to the bar. A few people called out greetings as they entered. She listened closely in effort to catch his name. Krista was sure his name wasn’t buddy or friend—no help there. He ordered oversized margaritas for both of them. Krista was about to tell him iced tea when she remembered Rachel might love margaritas.

“Wolfe, Wolfe Jackson. You don’t remember me, do you?”

His grin was devastating against his tanned skin. He reminded Krista of a pirate, the swashbuckling type as opposed to the peg-legged ones. She was lost. Perhaps someone would scrape her up as she melted at his feet. Krista shook her head since talking was more than she could handle at that moment.

“We met at my cousin’s wedding, Samuel Levinson. I believe he married your friend Ruth, or is she your cousin?” Wolfe placed his hand over hers on the bar.

Krista nodded eagerly at the verbal lifeline he’d thrown her while she tried to ignore the heat radiating from his hand. “She was, um, is, my friend. I don’t see her much since I moved.” He might wonder if she never talked to her cousin. Krista gulped the margarita in an attempt to alleviate the sudden heat streaking through her body, but the alcohol raised her body temperature instead. Not one of her better ideas. The liquor singed her empty stomach like three-alarm chili, while giving her an air of flirtatiousness she normally lacked. She remembered why she didn’t drink—she couldn’t hold her liquor.

The bartender lingered nearby and asked if they needed anything. Krista looked Wolfe up and down boldly and knew she had everything she needed. Wolfe’s wink caught her unawares, and she almost slipped off the stool. In a flash, he was beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist. For an instant, she leaned into him, inhaling the smell of sandalwood, soap, and a hint of gasoline. Then she remembered she was supposed to be sitting on a stool not oozing all over him like a melted ice cream bar and jerked upright. What kind of girl was Rachel? Krista was secretly hoping Rachel was a touch fast. Fast sounded superb.

A little about Morgan:

Morgan K Wyatt, raised on a steady diet of superheroes, believed she could fly at a very young age. After using trees, barn lofts, sliding boards, and even a second story window as launch pads, she found her flying skills were limited to fast and downward. By the age of nine, her dreams to be a superhero needed some modifications, which caused her to turn to writing and horseback riding as alternatives to flying.

At the age of twenty, she had another chance at superhero greatness as being one of the few female soldiers trained for combat. The fact that women will be able to serve in combat soon indicates that all the witnesses to the grenade incident have retired. The grenade incident didn’t prevent her two sons or daughter-in-law from enlisting in the service. Having different last names probably helped.

Morgan recently retired from teaching special needs students to write fulltime, instead of in the wee hours of the night. With the help of her helpful husband and loyal hound, she creates characters who often grab plot lines and run with them. As for flying, she prefers the airlines now.

Tara’s Next Big Thing

I’ve been invited to participate in a blog hop where we discuss our “Next Big Thing”. Well, not sure how “big” this is, but here goes 🙂

1) What is the working title of your next book?

The Slayer Next Door

2)  Where did the idea come from for the book?

I’m a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan…the movie as well as the show. This could be described as Buffy meets 27 Dresses.

3)  What genre does your book fall under?

Light Paranormal – there’s quite a bit of humor

4)  What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

For my heroine, I’m thinking Katherine Heigl. She’s great at these types of roles. For my hero, Ryan Gosling would be perfect.

5)  What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

She could handle a classroom full of kids…putting a vampire or two in his place shouldn’t be a problem.

6)  Who is publishing your book?

Ah, that’s a good question. It’s not finished, but I’m hoping it will find a good home.

7)  How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

I’m still working on it, but it’s flowing quickly. Really enjoying this story.

8)  Who or what inspired you to write the story?

Actually, there’s an old Goldie Hawn comedy that I adore, Foul Play. Her character in that movie is my inspiration for my heroine, blended with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

9)  What else about the book might pique the readers’ interests?

A school teacher heroine, an ex-Navy Seal hero, and a fur ball of a cat…mixed in with a vampire queen and a warped sense of humor…if you like romantic comedies with a hint of danger and adventure, I think you’ll enjoy this.

Next week, look for the next big thing from Kelsey Browning and Tessa Berkley. Kelsey Browning can be found at her awesome Brain Candy blog and Tessa Berkley’s hot cowboys can be found at: http://tessaberkleyauthor.blogspot.com/

Thanks for dropping by! I’ll let you know when it’s close to publication.

Welcome Guest Author Lynn Cahoon

It’s my pleasure to welcome Lynn Cahoon today. Lynn’s the author of contemporary romances with alpha heroes and strong, independent heroines. Welcome, Lynn!

Here’s Lynn:Final Marriage Not Included copy Lynn Cahoon

A little help from my friends.

Once upon a time, I was a writer wannabe.

I stalked blogs, commenting and talking about writing.  Then one day, I won a prize and instead of mailing the book to me, a local author invited me to lunch.  When we talked about writing that day, she gave me one piece of advice – finish a book.  I had four started, and discarded. We meet monthly, set page goals, then time goals, until finally, I had a book ready (I thought) to send off to a publisher.

When I got back my rejection, my new writer friend gave me another piece of advice.  Actually two. She said, write another book and find a writer community.

So I joined the local RWA chapter. I signed up for everything, including monthly critique sessions.  I’ve attended two national conventions and coordinated the chapter contest.  And I’ve written more books.

And found more friends who write what I write and want to share in the journey.

A few years ago, a writer, frustrated with not finalling in the Golden Heart, put out a call on the PRO loop for RWA – looking for people willing to commit to critiquing and supporting each other with the sole purpose of finalling in next year’s contest.

The Lala’s were born and I bless Valerie Bowman (the creative force and Queen of the lala’s) for  letting me join and play with the group.  The first year, we had two finalists.  Both in the historic division and both who sold their manuscripts.  The next year we had three.  The next, three again.  This year, the group didn’t have a finalist, but many (including me), have gone on to sell which limits the number of members eligible to play.

I’m also a member of a goal setting group through GIAM (Amy Atwell’s brain child). And through the weekly reporting with my group, I’ve gained new friends.  With new  perspectives and shared opportunities and ideas about the state of this crazy business we call writing.

You would think, with all these groups and on-line and in-person writing friends that I’d be the extroverted type.  Not so. My first RWA chapter meeting  I drove an hour to attend (on a Saturday) then sat in my car debating just driving back home and forgetting the whole thing.

I was scared.

But I went anyway.  And now I’m glad I did.

As of today, I’ve signed contracts for nine books.  Sometimes I still feel like a writer wanna bee, but then I realize I’m moving in the right direction.  With a little help from my friends.

So are you part of a community, writing or otherwise?  Are you thinking about joining?

Marriage Not Included – Blurb

Lauren is headed back to school, this time not as a fun loving coed but to achieve her dream of turning the family farm into Idaho’s first Heritage Seed Center. Selling organic produce at the local farmers market, she meets Miles. After an unexpected act of kindness toward her daughter, Lauren agrees to one date.

As a VP and heir apparent to HN Seeds, the family business, Miles unknowingly holds the future of Lauren’s farm in his hands. Lauren’s looking for anything but a romance. She’s got too much on her plate to risk the distraction. But he plays the one card Lauren can’t resist, family. Miles needs Lauren and her daughter to feel at home. And Lauren needs Miles and his large extended family more than she knows. But can she forgive the one betrayal that would ruin all of her plans for the future?

Links –

Goodreads –http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5857424.Lynn_Cahoon

Twitter – https://twitter.com/LynnCahoon

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/LynnCahoonAuthor

website – http://lynncahoon.wordpress.com/

e -Book –

print -NA

Amazon author page – http://www.amazon.com/Lynn-Cahoon/e/B0082PWOAO/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Soul Mate website – http://www.soulmatepublishing.com/

BIO – Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary romance author with a love of hot, sexy men, real and imagined. Her alpha heroes range from rogue witch hunters, modern cowboys, or hot doctors, sexy in scrubs. And her heroines all have one thing in common, their strong need for independence. Or at least that’s what they think they want.  She blogs at her website www.lynncahoon.wordpress.com

Welcome Guest Author Abigail Sharpe

Abigail SharpeIt’s my pleasure to host author Abigail Sharpe on the blog today. Abigail’s going to give a free e-book of Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy to one lucky commenter (Restrictions apply – please see note at the end of this post). Welcome, Abigail. Please tell us a little about your story:

In the bestselling tradition of Lori Wilde…

SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMEONE NEW . . . Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy cover

There’s nothing florist Ainsley Fairfax won’t do to help her sister get the love of her life-even if it means taking her place on a bachelorette weekend at a Wyoming ranch so Cecelia can sail off with the man of her dreams. Ainsley is determined to spend the time keeping her head down and her heart safely tucked away-until an encounter with the ranch’s hunky owner gets her heart-and steamy desires-to bloom . . .

Riley Pommer doesn’t want to be lassoed into any relationship. But with the family ranch in dire straits, Riley knows his sisters’ crazy plan to turn the ranch into the setting for a dating competition-and using Riley as the bait-is the only thing standing between them and foreclosure. But the rules of the game change the instant Riley lays eyes on the spirited Ainsley. Now, as others try to stampede over their love, can Riley prove to Ainsley that true love is a prize worth fighting for?

Available now from Forever Yours.

Now, a little more from Abigail:

If you could bring a fictional hero to life, which one would it be? Heathcliff? Mr. Darcy? Mr. Rochester? Tarzan? Captain Mal? One of your own heroes?

Okay, not Heathcliff because I wouldn’t be able to understand him.  Wuthering Heights was required reading in high school and I would have rather done the dishes than read that book.  I could NOT get through that dialect!  Ugh!  Not Mr. Rochester, because he was a selfish bigamist.  (How popular is THAT opinion?)

Bring on Captain Mal or Castle.  Or just Nathan Fillion , even.  But only if he’ll massage my feet.

I’d go with Captain Mal, too…Nathan Fillion would do just fine, too!

Abigail, What’s your favorite quotation?

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

You’ve landed in Oz…Which would you rather possess: flying monkeys or Toto?

A dog that I can drop kick* or monkeys to do my every bidding and can take me places?  Yes, please. *I’m not saying I would.  I’m just saying the dog would probably rather eat my socks than help me travel.

What’s your all-time favorite movie? Why?

Too many to mention, but I’ll pick the more unusual ones (as in, not Princess Bride):  Philadelphia Story and Noises Off.

Philadelphia Story is a fabulous classic with Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart.  There’s one scene where Jimmy is drunk and I giggle every time.

Noises Off was originally a play.  The movie is about a group of actors performing a play and what goes on backstage.  Again, there is much laughter when I watch this movie.  When you’re backstage at a show you have to remain quiet, so some of the movie is just some good ol’ physical comedy.  It has a stellar cast, including Carol Burnett, Christopher Reeves, and John Ritter.  Sardines!

I adore the Philadelphia Story…I love old Katharine Hepburn movies, and Cary Grant had some awesome performances. I’ve neer seen Noises Off, but it sounds terrific. I’ll have to check it out.

Do you follow sports? Favorite teams?

I was a HUGE fan of the Celtics in the 80s, the era of Larry Bird (though my favorite player was Danny Ainge).  The talent on that team was amazing.  I love watching Sox games when the fans start chanting “Beat LA!”  Now I follow the Florida Gators (Orange!  Blue!) and Jacksonville Jaguars.  I have high hopes for the next year!  Don’t taunt me.

Okay, I won’t mention I’m a black and gold gal…

If you could wake up stranded on a desert island with one celebrity hunk (actor, athlete, musician, etc.), who would it be? Why?

Let’s go with Ty Pennington.  Because he can build us a boat to take us off the island!  I know I’m a transplanted Floridian, but instead of the beach, I’d rather be in a deserted cabin in the woods (though not the one from the movie) with a river nearby and mountains in the distance.  Thank heavens you’re not interested in THE Cabin in the Woods…too scary!

How can readers find you on the web?


Twitter: @abigailsharpe

Facebook:   Facebook.com/AbigailSharpeBooks

Thank you for having me here today, Tara!  I’ve enjoyed these non-standard interview questions.

Thanks for being my guest today. You can tell I’m a little warped from these questions…by the way, I’m a “flying monkeys” gal, too!

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a free e-copy of Abigail’s new book, Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 20.  *Restrictions: This book may only be gifted to residents in the United States (it’s a “rights” thing) and your comment must be posted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 19 to be eligible for the drawing.

Sheldon and Amy: A Love Story

Love story – the term evokes thoughts of romance and passion, and, I dare say, sex. Modern romance is not shy about depicting the physical aspects of love, whether that romance is on-screen, on television, or between the pages of a book (or on the display of an e-reader). My own books depict love in its many forms, including the intensely carnal. And yet, one of the most touching love stories I’ve seen in recent years is the tale of Sheldon and Amy…yes, that Sheldon…and that Amy…the well-known characters on television’s The Big Bang Theory.

Now, I have to issue a disclaimer of sorts: I am a devoted fan of The Big Bang Theory. I look forward to each new episode – the fresh, witty writing, the terrific chemistry of the ensemble cast, and the brilliant performances of Jim Parsons and his fellow cast members draw me in. So, it’s quite likely that I’m biased. One of the aspects of the show that appeals to me the most is the evolution of Sheldon Cooper’s character over the course of the show. While still a most unconventional personality, Sheldon has grown through his interactions with his peers, especially those of the opposite sex. His interactions with Penny are priceless, depicting the impact of their friendship on Sheldon’s academia-centered personality, while the introduction of Sheldon’s girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler, has provided the opportunity to add a layer of tenderness to the character one might never have predicted in the first year or so of the series.

For those of you who are not familiar with the series, Sheldon Cooper is a genius, a scientific prodigy, but a man who’s had little interest in people in general and less interest in forming any bond with a woman. And yet, Sheldon has fallen for Amy. In his own unique way, Sheldon demonstrates his devotion to Amy in ways that are foreign to his nature and bring him out of his comfort-zone. Last week’s episode (May 9) was quite touching, as Sheldon displayed a quiet tenderness and dignity toward Amy that I found extremely moving. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet, but I will tell you that Sheldon’s respect for Amy’s feelings was one of the most beautiful portrayals of love I’ve seen on television or in film. He’s stretching past the boundaries he’s lived with his entire life, not because he’s forced to, but because he genuinely wants to make Amy happy. And isn’t that really what love is all about? Caring about the one you love, giving of yourself, and treating your loved one with dignity and respect – those are key elements of true and enduring love. Sheldon demonstrates those qualities for Amy in ways that are both funny and touching. I, for one, am rooting for Sheldon and Amy, and I applaud Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik for bringing this love story to life with comedic tenderness that makes me cheer for each new development in Sheldon and Amy’s slowly percolating romance.

Are you a Big Bang Theory fan? Share your thoughts on Sheldon and Amy or another love story you find touching and tender. I’d love to continue this discussion.

Confessions of a Belle Out of Water – The One With The Eagles

Nature TrailAfter a long winter during which I sometimes wondered if I were living in a snow globe, spring has erupted all around my home in Northwest Pennsylvania. (I refuse to count the couple of cool days we’ve just experienced, although I have to admit being shocked by the sight of snow on Mother’s Day. That was a first for me, you can be sure of that!) With that glorious weather, the world has gone from a collage of gray and white to a lush green that is truly beautiful. It also seems that the people of the town have emerged, just like the wildlife and foliage that spent the winter patiently waiting to savor a setting that seems that gorgeous payback for all those dreary winter days.

On one of those delightfully warm, sunny spring days, my husband and I ventured out for a hike on a nearby trail that runs along the Allegheny River. The hiking path, a converted railroad track called a rail-trail, has a wonderful sense of history. I walk along the trail, wondering about the people who enjoyed that same view of the river as they steamed into town a century earlier. Were they coming on business or visiting family? What were their joys and sorrows? Their celebrations and their tragedies? I also drink in the colors of the river, the sounds of the birds’ serenade, and the smell of fresh air. There’s so much to appreciate here. Every time I walk that trail, I feel a sense of amazement that I see something new and, in its own way, spectacular.

Eagle flying into nestOne of the most spectacular sights along the trail is a bald eagle’s nest, perched on a small island in the river. My husband and I have observed this nest on various occasions, but now, that spring is here, the eagles are out and about, soaring through the sky, perching on the nest, and feeding the eaglets who are now visible in the nest. I’ve seen bald eagletseagles in zoos, but that sterile environment cannot compare to the sight of a bald eagle, wild and free, in its own majestic setting. The photos on today’s blog are ones my husband took on our last walk. Hopefully, throughout the spring and summer, there will be more to come.

What’s your favorite spot to go to enjoy the sights and smells and sounds of spring?

Welcome Guest Author Merry Farmer

It’s my pleasure to host author Merry Farmer on the blog today. Merry writes historical romances set during one of my favorite time periods, the 1890s. Welcome, Merry.

Merry Farmer  If I had a dime for every time I sighed and thought that I was born about 125 years too late, I would be wealthy right now.  There’s just something about the 1880s and 1890s that sings to my soul.  It was an exciting time to be alive, full of innovation, invention, and progress.  People of the twenty-first century don’t realize how advanced and comfortable life really was at the end of the nineteenth century.  That’s one of the reasons I was inspired to write the Montana Romance series.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how exactly people lived in the 1890s.  Those who haven’t studied history tend to think it was a backwards time of ignorance, repression, and inconvenience.  The truth couldn’t be further from that notion.

By the 1890s advances in transportation had opened up not only the American West, but the whole world.  People could travel from coast to coast in a matter of days, and Fool For Love [e-book cover]_smallacross the ocean in just over a week.  Fool for Love begins in London, and three weeks later the characters are in Cold Springs, Montana.  Yes!  You could do that.  Furthermore, by 1896, when this novel is set, not only were ships constructed that could travel that fast, many of them were equipped with refrigeration.  We think of imported food as a modern concept, but by the 1890s it was already a reality.

You know what else existed by the 1890s?  Electricity.  Yep.  The proverbial light bulb was able to go off over someone’s head when they had a good idea because Edison had invented the first successful incandescent light bulb in 1879.  By 1896 they were a household item.  Well, if the town in which you lived had the infrastructure to support all of the new technology.

Granted, just because the technology for a wealth of new inventions – ready-made clothing, automobiles, typewriters, elevators, etc. – existed, that didn’t mean it could be found everywhere.  One of the things that appeals to me so much about the 1890s is that while so much of the world was moving faster and achieving more, life still had a slower pace.  People read books.  They visited while playing cards or sewing.  Meals were prepared with care and savored at the table instead of in front of the television.

Not everything was perfect and rosy.  A woman’s work was still never done and most modern appliances with which to do it automatically were still a few decades away.  Cooking, cleaning, and laundry all still had to be done by hand with rudimentary machines.  But by this era women’s rights had already come a long way.  Women could hold professions, like teaching, working in business, or even as doctors, and more opportunities were opening every year.  By the beginning of the twentieth century some states in the US had already given women the vote.

Our Little Secrets_smallYes, I have a special place in my heart for this era of our history.  I hope it shines through in the lives that my characters live.  Michael and Charlie, the hero and heroine of the first Montana Romance book, Our Little Secrets, are quite advanced for their time – Charlie has graduated from college and Michael imports goods for his general store from all across the country – but they are still a part of their time.  Eric’s trip to London in Fool for Love would have been unthinkable a few decades earlier, but by the 1890s he could have made that trip several times in his lifetime.

I may run the risk of my readers scratching their heads and wondering if the things I write about in Our Little Secrets and Fool for Love could really happen, but with a little research they’ll be able to see that yes, they could.  I love the 1890s and enjoy giving people a glimpse into a world that is not as unfamiliar as they might first imagine.

To learn more about Merry and her books, check out these links:

Social Networking links:

Website: http://merryfarmer.net

Twitter: @merryfarmer20

Facebook: www.facebook.com/merryfarmerauthor

Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/Merry-Farmer/e/B006RATLFC/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1366067537&sr=8-2-ent

Book links:

The Loyal Heart

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005R4K75W

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005R4K75W

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-loyal-heart-merry-farmer/1106051739?ean=2940011541537

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/92993

The Faithful Heart

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006PUDD44

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006PUDD44

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-faithful-heart-merry-farmer/1108068341?ean=2940032960553

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/117240

The Courageous Heart

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009Z1AATQ

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009Z1AATQ

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-courageous-heart-merry-farmer/1113712615?ean=2940015912661

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/250038

Our Little Secrets

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0087KI4T4

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0087KI4T4

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/167282

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/our-little-secrets-merry-farmer/1111649170?ean=2940033267514

And We Have A Winner

Tracie, you’re the winner of last week’s blog contest. Please contact me so I may send you your prize. Congratulations! Comment on this post with your email address, or please email me at authortarakingston@gmail.com .

Classic Rock Legends: Eric Clapton

I’m a Classic Rock gal. Now, I’ll listen to some Country tunes. Lady Antebellum, Faith Hill, and Toby Keith are some of the Country acts I enjoy. I adore Adele’s smoky vocals, and there’s even room in my musical library for Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. But nothing gets my blood pumping like some good old-fashioned Classic Rock. And who better to epitomize Classic Rock’s streamlined, unsynthesized brilliance than Slowhand himself, Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite artists. I’d pay to see the man play scales, for crying out loud. Rolling Stone ranked Clapton second only to Jimi Hendrix in its list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time. The only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a solo artists, and as a member of the Yardbirds and Cream), Clapton is a true rock-and-roll legend whose talent is timeless and enduring.

My husband and I were privileged to see Eric Clapton perform on April 6 in Pittsburgh, the last stop on his North American tour. After a terrific opening set from the Wallflowers (wow, a Grammy winning band as an opening act…what a bonus!), including Eric Clapton sitting in with Jakob Dylan and company to join them on their final number, Clapton took the stage for a solid two hours. No flashy set. No costume changes. No light show. Just a phenomenally talented man surrounded with outstanding musicians, doing what he’s done so well for decades. For me, the highlight of the show as the acoustic set. Layla, Wonderful Tonight, Lay Down Sally, and a song that never fails to bring tears to my eyes, Tears in Heaven. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the background of this song, Tears in Heaven was Clapton’s way of expressing his grief over the tragic death of his son Conor. Clapton’s poignant feelings elevate this song to a ballad that touches my heart every time. Eric Clapton is a tremendously gifted musician with a soulful sound that hasn’t diminished over the years. This wasn’t our first Eric Clapton concert. And it will likely not be our last.

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