Monday, Monday – Zombies and Heroes and a Mad Man, Oh My!

A blog about zombies isn’t typical romance writer fare. Not exactly a topic to conjure thoughts of love and sweet nothings and happily-ever-afters. But this is a special Monday – the Monday after the season finale of The Walking Dead. Yes, I must confess – I’m a Dead Head, 2013 style.

Since the first episode premiered on Halloween 2010, I have been riveted to every episode. The Walking Dead is one of the most gripping shows on television. The ensemble cast brings characters to life with many fascinating nuances, displaying strengths, weaknesses, and vividly portraying the good in humans – and the evil. This season has emphasized a richly-drawn villain, the Governor. Portrayed by the ruggedly attractive David Morrissey, the Governor’s a complex character, alternating between protector and diabolical mad man, an enemy whose machinations compound the perils the small band of survivors of a zombie apocalypse must face. The Governor’s an intriguing threat, intelligent and ruthless, and yet, there’s a hint of the man he’d been before the zombie onslaught tore away any mercy he ever possessed.

As with most season finales, this week’s episode presented an agonizing cliff hanger. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming – after all, that’s the genius in a serial. Just as a gripping book makes you want to turn the pages, a well-done serial makes you want to keep tuning in. But the appeal of this series goes beyond well-executed hooks. The heroes and heroines of The Walking Dead have undergone major changes since the series began. The character arcs in this series are, in my important, far more important than the zombie makeup (which is indeed impressive) or the death toll with each episode.

The heroes and heroines have evolved since the story’s inception, creating a fascinating portrait of humans growing through adversity and tragedy. One of my favorite characters is Daryl, the crossbow-wielding tough guy with a heart of gold. Daryl’s far from a conventional hero, but he’s the stuff of a romantic’s dreams. Hardened and intense, he’s loyal, courageous, and displays a subtle sensuality that’s immensely appealing. I’m not the only one who finds Daryl immensely appealing….not if Facebook postings about the character are any indication. Daryl’s got the right stuff to be a romantic hero.

Walking Dead fans out there, who’s your favorite character? Why? Which character can you picture as inspiration for a romance novel? Don’t watch The Walking Dead? Who’s a great, unconventional hero or heroine you’d like to share? Leave a comment, and you’ll be entered for a weekly drawing for $5 Amazon gift card. One lucky commenter on my blog postings this week will be selected for the prize. The winner will be announced on Sunday, April 7.

6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday – Zombies and Heroes and a Mad Man, Oh My!

  1. Love-love-love this show. I have to say, the most disappointing part of this last season has been the way Carl’s character has developed. It makes complete sense, of course, because he’s so mold-able and young, and he’s trying to exist in extreme circumstances, but Rick is in danger with him. We need to see Carl’s compassion again, or I’m afraid he’s eventually going to become an antagonist. It was interesting to hear them on Talking Dead call him a “Mini-Governor”. I can see that coming…. scary.

  2. Camryn, I agree that Carl is heading in the direction of a Mini-Governor…interesting insight. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but now it seems clear that’s a possible progression for his character arc. With Rick being so traumatized, Carl’s had to shoulder much of the emotional burden. I think the writers are creating a riveting conflict Rick is going to have to deal with.

    The Governor is a character I love to hate…I think the fact he is an attractive man with the capacity to be seductive that makes him all the more evil. Love a good villain!

  3. Ooh, I missed that mention of Carl as a Mini-Governor. What struck me was the truth in what he said: if you don’t get them, they get you. It even happened to Andrea last night, just to reinforce the point. (She could’ve killed the Gov, and instead he was her downfall.) It broke my heart to see Carl harden to the poing of killing Cody, though I have to admit, Cody wasn’t putting the gun down fast enough. Who knows what he might have done? Looks like Laurie was right. Should be interesting to see Carl’s evolution of over time.

    I love the depth in the show. I watch Downton Abbey too, and I didn’t cry over Cybil and Matthew the way I did over Merle (or maybe it was more Daryl’s reaction that got me).

  4. Carla, there is an amazing depth to the characters in that show. I have friends who roll their eyes when I mention the show because they’re thinking it’s an hour of zombies munching on brains. Instead, it really revolves around human nature and what happens when life as we know it, including laws and law enforcement, break down. There’s a “Lord of the Flies” quality to the series, and such potential to bring in new characters, new threats, and new triumphs.

    I was shocked at how sad I was at Merle’s death. The depth (there’s that word again) of his love for his brother overcame the hardness in his heart, and in the end, he sacrificed himself. Daryl’s reaction was touching and also moved me to tears.

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